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The soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

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Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

Registered Nurse / Care Manager

RN review of medical records, assessment of the client’s health and safety conditions. Discuss the client’s care priorities and family's concerns/priorities. Create a plan of care that is client centered for each individual with recommendations and interventions. Interventions put in place will be constantly assessed and changed when necessary.  If needed, medication management and overseeing done by an RN. RN accompanying to medical appointments and updating the family. Advocating for clients during medical appointments.  Overseeing other care partners in the home, like home health aides, hospice and physical therapists. As an RN care manager, I am a member of Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) and hold myself to their moral and ethical code. I am also a Certified Dementia Care Partner, having a certification that increases my knowledge of navigating the care of clients living with Dementia and their families.

Help with Cooking

Scheduled Visits

Spending time with my clients and providing them with conversation to decrease isolation and promote mental stimulation. Friendship and conversation increases emotional health.  Finding out my clients hobbies and interests, then incorporating them into my visits creates meaningful interactions. During scheduled visits, I will be assessing the conditions my client is in for changes or any issues. After each visit I will send a summary of my visit to the family.

Doctor Office

Medical Appointments 

I can make recommendations to specialists and other medical services that my client may need.  Accompany clients to medical appointments. Help enhance the coordination of care between the client and their medical team. Advocate for clients during appointments, communicate medical concerns to physicians and explain new treatments to clients. Communicate medication changes and help carry out doctor's orders by picking up meds, filling medication containers and scheduling any follow up appointments.  After any medical appointments, I will communicate with the family what happened and any changes in the medical treatment plan.

Playing Chess

A Holistic Approach

I believe in promoting a holistic approach to caring for my clients. Promoting a healthy diet and good sleep. Reviewing nutrition and assessment of sleep patterns to increase well being. I encourage physical activity at any level to promote a healthy body, preserve motor skills and increase restful night sleep. I try to incorporate a chance to experience nature to provide calmness and peace. Activities, creative or with a purpose are encouraged during visits or daily with a home care partner. Doing purposeful activities daily can help preserve and strengthen motor skills, provide a distraction to negative thoughts, and improve mood. Medical treatments and medication are only part of a person’s well being, the other part is helping increase the quality of life by providing them with opportunities for meaningful moments.

Betsy @ Grand Canyon

About Betsy

My name is Elizabeth, although I’ve been called Betsy my entire life.  I have been a nurse for 20 years, specializing in geriatrics. About 12 years ago I was introduced to a key aspect in the healthcare profession called Care Management or Aging Life Care Professional.This job has become my passion and purpose. I honestly think of myself as a professional family member and treat all of my clients like they are part of my own family. I have lived in Monmouth County my entire life and know a wide range of medical professionals. I can provide you with solid recommendations for services ranging from home health aide companies to handyman services. As a small business, I can provide you with personalized care. I want to know how your loved one lived their lives in the past, so I can better take care of them in the present.   


As a child of aging parents (my mom and dad will deny that)  and a mother of 3, I know the challenges we all face trying to provide for our parents and still taking care of our own families. I want to help bridge that gap and take some of the pressure off you. 


My mission is to have an individual client centered approach to the care of my clients and be a proactive care partner in their lives.  I believe in taking a holistic approach when assessing the client's well being. I’m dedicated to ensuring my clients have a quality of life that is meaningful to them, while providing support during health care challenges. For family members that live apart from their loved ones, I am your eyes and ears. I believe communication is the key for family members not being able to see their loved one regularly. My role as a Care Manager includes advocating for my clients, coordinating services inside and outside the home, identifying needs/concerns then communicating a plan to address them to the client and their families.  

"I have known and worked with Betsy for many years.  Her knowledge is far above that of any other RN I have met and I have often suggested that she return to college and become a doctor.  In addition to her professional knowledge, she is always upbeat and a pleasure to be around."


Grandmother and Grandson

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Monmouth County, New Jersey


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